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About Luna Grace Boutique 

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved playing dress up and still do in my mid 40's. My mom always had great fashion sense when it came to dressing her daughter.  From Guess to Girbaud to Espirit (yes, I went there! #80sfashion) she made sure I always looked cute and fashionable.  I've also got a pretty good nickname that has stuck with me throughout the years...fashion police!  

Seven years ago, I decided I wanted to make graphic tees.  I seriously wanted a shirt for every concert, event, holiday, and day of the week!  It was the fad and I just happened to know someone who had the expertise and equipment. So, for the next 3-4 weeks, I went to her house and she came to mine (bringing 2 machines) and she trained me.  Then, I made the big investment of approximately $500 and bought my own software and press.  Who would have known that a woman with a T-shirt fetish would have become a business owner so quick.  As time went on, I started getting wholesale accounts and introducing "boutique" and unique items into the social media private group.  I loved every minute of designing my own shirts, putting my unique twists on ones I had seen or people had sent me. My marketing and advertising background helped me be creative and visual.   The best compliment I have ever gotten was trust.   When a customer says "I trust you, do whatever you think", I take that as a huge compliment!  They are trusting me to create a shirt for them.  Wow!  Customer service is my first priority.  My motto is, "A happy customer is a returning customer." In my 7 years, I have had a handful of issues. Yes, a handful!  I consider that a good thing. Very few refunds.  Very few redo's.   

Since I think shopping is retail therapy, I do quite a bit of it.   I shop from boutiques all over the US.  I have an elaborate genre of style.  I love my loungewear, but I also love to put on that dancing dress!  And then again, I love to be in a good pair of cut offs or my favorite jeans (with a pair of cowboy boots of-course)! That's the country girl side of me.  Fashion is very important to me. The right outfit makes every woman feel confident! The jeans that fit just right. The shirt that slims you.  And we can't forget the accessories!  A good pair of earrings, a necklace or bracelet complete the outfit.  You've all heard the quote "Exercise? I thought you said accessorize!" There's a lot of truth there.  I don't know about you, but I rarely leave my house without earrings on. 

I'm very big on community involvement.  I love being able to give back.  I'm fortunate that I have never had any major setbacks in my life.  No illness, no addiction, etc... There will be some "give back" sales and specials from time to time. Whether it's a charity, an accident, an illness, or whatever the instance is.   I would be honored to donate proceeds to someone/organization.   

So, how did Luna Grace come about?  Where's the name come from?  Again, I shop online and follow quite a few influencers.  I was watching some videos on starting your own business and I thought to myself, Tonya, why can't you do this? And talking back to myself, I said, "I can do this". So, I was at a Mardi Gras meeting one night talking to a few customers/friends about my ideas of opening an online boutique (which they all loved the idea) and one woman said you need to talk to my website girl.  She does my website and she is awesome.  So, of course, I went talked to the girl. This was on a Thursday. The next Wednesday I was sitting in a local coffee shop with her talking  about my website. I had already registered for market and hit the ground running.   I had a LLC and tax ID number that day.  Amazing what can happen in less than a weeks time.   If you dream about it, you can do it!  This started right out of my home and a private foyer dedicated to my boutique.   

Luna Grace...how did I come up with that name?  My last dog (the most beautiful blonde (white) Labrador Retriever was Luna Belle (called her Luna-tic quite a bit).   She was a great dog, but I had taken a corporate job and was traveling a lot for work.   I had to board her quite a bit.  Not only did she not deserve to be kenneled that much, it was becoming very pricey.  Someone had approached me about selling her.  This dog wasn't just a dog. She was my child!   I worked with her and trained her to be a duck hunting dog.   She had toys from a Chewy Vuitton to deer antlers to a squeaky duck.   The family that wanted her lived on a ranch in a south Texas.  They had small children and hunted quite a bit.  So, I broke down and sold her.  It broke my heart. I cried like a baby. I have kept in touch with the family and they randomly send pics of her.   She's doing great and living her best life. Grace? My mother has always called me that. Hence the saying, "Way to go, Grace". I'm not 100% sure if it's because I'm blonde or clumsy or maybe both.

So, with all of this being said, my goal is to give every woman the confidence of being fashionable and at affordable prices.   Providing apparel that feels good, looks fantastic on, and as crazy as it sounds, washes good.  No one likes something they wear once and you wash it and it looks 10 years old! I  want to show woman of all ages and sizes that you can look and feel beautiful at the same time!   I have a wide customer base which means a lot of different styles and climates.  Since everyone has a different style or flair, I may put the "right outfit" together that you may never would have put together and vice versa!  Taking the stress out of it for you is my goal.  As far as gifts and home décor, I love giving and receiving fun, novelty gifts.  I want to provide gifts for an assortment of people. Whether it's the perfect wine glass or the quote box or the tea towel.  Home décor is something I'm also passionate about.  And I absolutely love decorating for every holiday. I attended interior decorating classes and loved every minute of it.  I love seeing inspiration and recreating  my own twist and making a beautiful piece for the home!  

Being a successful and understanding business owner is a passion of mine (along with cooking)! Making you happy is my priority.  Please feel free to email (hello@lunagraceboutique.com) me with any concerns, questions, or if there is anything you like to see in stock.  I'd love to hear your feedback!   



Luna Grace Boutique

Est. 2022